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The DRIH founded by Da'Veon E Ramos operates daily with the mission of informing the world of other peoples, cultures, and lifestyles that make up our world, while also inspiring the youth through our programs for middle school, high school & college students. Thus, we desire to become the world’s largest student-based humanitarian organization, yet we welcome the world to join our cause whether students, teachers, lawyers, etc. where ever you may be, join us. Our mission is to learn about individual people and the way they live their lives in order to celebrate all of humanity. To spread love & drown hate.   



View the video below to Learn all about us directly from our founder. 


The DRIH is a humanitarian group based on the belief that good resides in all people, we believe in what we can be as humans, and in what we can do. Together we are stronger than ever! Together there is nothing impossible for us to accomplish. Together we will change the world for the better. 

The DRIH is a continuously growing organization which offers a varied range of services from DR Project Pangaea, which is our human education and understanding project to Project Overlord, which is our efforts to spread awareness for  humanity. Also, Project Community which helps local communities gain funding for school supplies and more.

The DRIH will within the next few months visit over 20 institutions to inform our youth of the movement for change. We believe we can inspire a brighter future. Today our headquarters is based out of the Clinton, Maryland Community with hopes to set up divisions within Prince Georges Community college, Howard County Community College and Southern Maryland College. We are the future generation taking our stand for a new tomorrow.


When we see our world, what do we see? Pain, injustice, and inhumanity? This message is to tell you that no matter what evils reside among us or seem to prevail, that you are not alone. This world suffers from many injustices and a disconnection to ourselves, really to humanity itself. It's my hope that we learn to change for the better not only for today but for greater tomorrows. Together we can change the world and our history for future generations. Yet, never forgetting the history of our past, for it’s a reminder of where we must never return. We are the DRIH; we are one people, one life, one love, and one race. This movement is to eradicate the notion of race; the celebration of all cultures, of all peoples, of all kind. We are all earth, we are human first, we are all one! Together there is hope and we will change the world by all means. Believe in what is possible, never lose faith and treat all people as we expect to be treated ourselves. One small act of love and kindness will change our world forever.  

-Founder Da'Veon E Ramos


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