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Message from our Founder 

The greatest part of humanity is our ability to change for the better. Being human means to care about one another; to live together, to see one in need and help, and to desire to see the best for your fellow man.

Being a human is grounded in love; it's everything, it's the foundation of all of life. If we begin to better understand other cultures, beliefs, ways of life and customs of the beautiful beings that inhabit our earth than maybe, just maybe we can learn to love one another as the brothers we are.



Race is non-existent; it’s an idea created by mankind, to degrade and to place a higher value of one race over the others, it's a way to divide people because of their differences and separate one another due to the color of our skin. There is only one race; The human race! Yet culture is the only thing that defines us, but it does not separate us. Contrary to belief, it bonds us together even closer; for it shows & celebrates the power of a heritage in people. It shows where we have come from, it memorializes the history of our dance, foods, speech, and clothing. It's the antiquity of all people.


We are all the same, we all bleed, we all feel pain, we are all human before anything. Thus, today, right now! I ask that you stand with me to reshape history! No longer will we allow our past nor our upbringing to define us. We shall look beyond the stereotypes and judgments of people because of how they look. By all means, we shall treat all people as if they were our brothers, for dammit they are!! If we see hate, we shall stand against it. When we are in need we will cease to wait for others to help us, but we will learn to help ourselves. We will face crime with peace & hate with love. Listen; you are my brothers, my friends, my family & I shall love you as I love myself. We are the brotherhood of humanity, we are the DRIH and we are one!!


 -Founder Da'Veon E Ramos





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